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Will O' The Wisp

A version of Spider using a single pack of cards

Will O' the Wisp Terms


General Rules

Uses 1 pack of cards.

The Stock deals up to 7 cards at a time to the Tableau Stacks.

When empty, the Stock cannot be restocked.

Cards cannot be played directly to (or from) the Collection Piles.


How to Win

The game is won when each Collection Pile shows an Ace:


Building the Tableau Stacks

Only face-up cards are playable.

Sequences of cards can be built in descending value, regardless of suit.

However, a groups of cards can only be moved if they are in descending value and share the same suit.

A group of same-suit cards in descending value can be moved to any suit, as long as the result builds in descending value.

Complete King-to-Ace sequences are automatically removed to a Collection Pile, but only if the entire sequence is in same suit.

Any single card can be moved to an empty Stack.

A group of cards can be moved to an empty Stack only if the cards build down in descending value and same suit.



Dealing will deal out one card to each Tableau Stack, from the Stock.

Cards cannot otherwise be moved from (or to) the Stock.

Cards cannot be dealt from the Stock if there are any empty Tableau Stacks.


Hints & Tips

Whenever possible, try to build Tableau Stack sequences in the same suit.

Uncover face-down cards as soon as you can.

Deal out cards to the Tableau only as a last resort.

Create empty Tableau Stacks early, and don't put Kings on the empty Stacks too soon.

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