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Montana Rules

A popular game that rewards planning and strategy.
Also known as Spaces.

Montana Terms


General Rules

Uses 1 pack of cards, with the Aces automatically removed to create gaps.


How to Win

Build 4 rows of cards, one for each suit, with each row running from 2 to King.


Building the Rows

One card can be moved at a time.

Only a 2 can be placed in a left-most gap.

A card can be moved to a gap if a card on the left the gap shares the same suit and is one less in value.

Cards cannot be placed in a gap on the right-hand side of a King.



Pressing Shuffle will randomly reposition any cards that are not in a 2-to-King same-suit sequence.

A gap will be placed at the beginning of a row, or at the end of each valid sequence.

Two Shuffles are allowed.

1000 bonus points are awarded for each Shuffle remaining when the game is won.


Hints & Tips

Avoid making a gap next to a King.

Only use a Shuffle at last resort.

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