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Double Pyramid Rules

A version of Pyramid using 2 packs of cards, for longer games

Double Pyramid Terms


General Rules

Uses 2 pack of cards.

Your task is to pair cards together so that their values equal 13.

Paired cards are automatically moved to the Collection Pile, removing them from play.

Kings, having a value of 13, are automatically removed from play.


How to Win

The game is won when all cards have been removed from play. That is, the Collection Pile contains all 104 cards.



The Stock deals 1 card at a time to the first Wastepile. If the first Wastepile already contains a card then that card will first be moved to the second Wastepile.

When empty, the Stock can be restocked twice from the Wastepile.

A card on one of the two Wastepiles can be played to the other Wastepile or the Pyramid, as long as a pair is made.


Using the Pyramid

A single card can be moved at a time, as long as it's not covered by another card.

A card in the Pyramid can be played to another card in the Pyramid, as long as both are uncovered, and their values equal 13.


Hints & Tips

Try to clear the Pyramid before the Wastepiles.

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