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Chessboard Rules

A member of the Beleaguered Castle family.
Similar to Fortress, but with a higher chance of winning.
Also known as Fives.

Chessboard Terms


General Rules

Uses 1 pack of cards.


Building the Foundations

Only 1 card at a time may be played to (or from) a Foundation Pile.

The first card placed on a Foundation Pile determines the Base Card value of the other piles.

Build each pile up from the Base Card value, in same-suit.

Aces may be placed on Kings.


How to Win

The game is won when each Foundation Pile contains 13 cards of the same-suit.


Building the Tableau Stacks

The Tableau Stacks are used to manage and store cards, before they are eventually moved to the Foundations.

Only 1 card can be moved at a time.

Build each Stack in either descending or ascending value, in same suit.

Kings can be placed on Aces.

And Aces can be placed on Kings.

Any front-most card may be placed on an empty Stack.


Hints & Tips

Try to create empty Tableau Stacks as soon possible.

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