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Kitty Spangles Solitaire is a great game and plays better than any other solitaire game I have tried (and that is quite a lot).

Phillip Charles B
California, United States

Many of my clients who move to OS X from Windows are sorely disappointed to find Freecell, Solitaire, and Spider missing; you have saved Apple more than a few returned Macs. Thanks so much for creating the best solitaire suite for OS X available.

Miles W
Kula, Hawaii

I was up until 2am last night trying to beat my best Sudoku solve time and lower my average solve time. So now I'm having trouble staying awake at work. Feedback: all good, like the interface, everything is very intuitive, like the stats (although they make me very competitive), the poodle loves the sound effects especially the purring...

Andi S
Adelaide, Australia

Kitty Spangles Sudoku is awesome! It's very addictive. I love it how you can put in your guesses. Colour schemes are beautiful with a great variety. Sounds & rollovers are cute! Well done guys, fantastic game!

Matt W
Adelaide, Australia

Cute new "winning animation" and of course Kitty is the best Solitaire out of all Solitaires for any computer platform.

Lori C
California, United States

Kitty is, by the way, by far the best Solitaire Application I could find on the web - and I've been searching for quite a while.

Alex M
Lucerne, Switzerland

I've been a great fan of Kitty ever since I registered about two years ago. I love the game, and every time an update rolls around there's even less reason to abandon that adorable cartoon character. It's just a simple and charming game. I must confess I still giggle a bit when Kitty confesses that she "loves me." Silly, but cute. Thank you for maintaining such a great game. It's the best solitaire game I've had the pleasure of owning. Keep up the good work!

Paul S
California, United States

In this time of MMORPGs and online death matches sometimes it is nice to take a break and enjoy some quality time by yourself. Kitty Spangles Solitaire is the perfect game for those times. It is a highly polished solitaire game created for casual and hardcore solitaire players.

Sean Daly

Still the cutest game of solitaire ever.

Sarah Deaton

I have been a HUGE fan of Kitty Spangles since I downloaded it on 7th July 2005. I really loved it then, but now it's even better! It's got lots more games, but I am especially LOVING the new themes!!! :) VERY groovy, pretty, etc :)

Debbie Savannah George
dSavannah Creative

...once you've had Kitty Spangles, you just can't go back to regular solitaire games again.

David Simmer ll

Kitty Spangles Solitaire for Mac has got to be the cutest, most adorable version of Mac Solitaire EVER. Coupled perfectly with the cuddly characters, are magnificent background graphics and probably the most unique and appealing card design I've seen to date.

Cate Defrise

Really nice implementation - fun to play and beautiful to look at.

Brian Stafford
East Kurrajong, Australia

There is one really nice embellishment in Kitty Spangles Solitaire... a resizeable screen. You can let the game take up your whole desktop or shrink it down to postage-stamp size if you'd like to keep Kitty Spangles Solitaire running while you're doing other things. The cards and game screen scale perfectly regardless of the size -- it's really nice

Peter Cohen

...not only the best implementation of traditional solitaire I've ever seen (auto save, perfect scaling, really elegant use of 3D shadows), but also unbearably cute.

Becky Blitch
Go Becky

As a graphic and architectural designer (and a kid at heart), I LOVE THE *FUN* TWIST YOU'VE ADDED TO THIS CLASSIC GAME! Thank you!

Tiffany L
California, United States

It looks great, the best solitaire game for Mac by far. Who needs Windows now?

Jakob Wells
Washington, United States

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