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How to use your Serial Number

Serial Numbers can be purchased quickly and securely by clicking here.


You should have received your Serial Number by email, shortly after your purchase. For example:

How your registration details look in the email

Note: the purchase Transaction ID is not your Serial Number


Launch the appropriate Swoop Software application and press Enter Serial Number...

How to download Kitty

Copy the Customer Name from the purchase email and Paste it into the Customer Name box.

Important: this is case-sensitive and must match the exact name shown in the email.

Enter a Serial Number

Copy the Serial Number from the purchase email and Paste it into the Serial Number box.

Important: copy the Serial Number exactly as shown in the purchase email, including dashes. There should be no spaces.


Press OK. If the button remains dimmed, check you have copied the Customer Name and Serial Number exactly.


You're done! If you have problems unlocking the product, please contact us for assistance.