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Kitty Spangles Sudoku. Stylish brain games for your Mac.

Stylish Sudoku for your Mac

Kitty Spangles Sudoku is the best sudoku for your Mac. With a fantastic range of beautifully animated, colorful and stylish themes to choose from.

Choose your look

Customize Kitty's looks by choosing your favorite font style and size. Plus, you can seamlessly resize the Sudoku window to your taste.

Fitness fun for your brain

Featuring unlimited, symmetrical puzzles with 4 difficulty levels, Kitty Spangles Sudoku provides a gentle and fun workout for your brain.

Statistics & progress

Kitty remembers all your statistics and games, including the number of games played and won, times, winning streaks, and much more. Compare your stats with other players!

Custom puzzles

Create your own puzzles using Kitty's built-in puzzle editor, or copy a puzzle from a newspaper, book, website, etc.

Save and print!

Save your puzzles as PDF files for printing or sharing with friends.

Easy to use

Choosing and playing games is fun and easy thanks to intuitive controls and a window that can be seamlessly resized to fit your Mac sudoku lifestyle!

Helpful tools

Pencil marks, unlimited undo and redo and in-game instructions help with solving the sudoku brain teasers. Kitty even has a few helpful ways to cheat but you'll have to look for them.

Kitty Spangles Sudoku puzzle for Mac
apricot grape font cyan indigo moody lime marmelade parchment sea foam spring theme


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